5 Activities for Seniors with Visual Impairment

Fun Activities for Seniors with Visual Impairment in Oshkosh, WI

Planning activities for seniors with impaired vision requires a little creativity. However, you can keep your loved one engaged by exploring activities that involve the other senses. Through involving the senses of touch, hearing, and taste, you can provide seniors with impaired vision a variety of experiences that stimulate their mind and body.

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1. Sculpting

There are many arts and crafts that can be enjoyed by seniors with limited vision. However, sculpting might be a new one for many seniors. Sculpting is a sensory experience that allows seniors to dig their hands into clay and feel the art as it is being created. Seniors can share the art with other friends who have impaired vision because they can also use touch to feel the features. Seniors can sculpt with classic materials such as clay, or they can increase the sensory experience by using other materials such as metal and papier-mâché while creating their work of art.

2. Attending Lectures

Many communities host low-cost educational lectures. Help your loved one check with a library, a senior center, or a local community college to find lectures he or she might be interested in. Your loved one might also be interested in motivational speaking events. Alternatively, your loved one could listen to recorded audio lectures and take them to doctor appointments and other places where he or she has to wait.

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3. Playing Modified Games

Many classic board games come in versions designed for seniors with visual impairment. For example, there are dominoes with raised dots that your loved one can feel and large-print versions of decks of cards that may be easier for him or her to see. There are also video and computer games that involve audio play, which can entertain your loved one.

4. Listening to Music

Seniors with visual impairments can enjoy listening to their favorite songs and benefit from its soothing effects. Arrange for your loved one to attend a concert with a caregiver. Seniors who really enjoy music can also learn to play an instrument, which can be modified to accommodate limited vision.

5. Gardening

Gardening can be healing for a senior’s body and soul. A garden provides a multisensory experience that can fill a senior with joy, even if he or she has impaired vision. Encourage your loved one to plant fragrant herbs and flowers such as lavender. Your loved one is likely to smell the beautiful scent of his or her hard work every time he or she steps outdoors. From adding plants with texture to bold blooms that brighten up the outdoor space, there is always something to do in a garden and seniors will usually find something interesting to keep them busy.

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