3 Types of Cell Phones for Seniors

Cellphones for Seniors in Oshkosh, WI

In our complex, fast-paced world, a cell phone is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Being able to quickly call another person can spare your loved one stress and possibly save their life. In June 2015, Forbes reported on the best cell phones for seniors. None of them involves a contract or cancellation fee. Oshkosh in-home senior care professionals summarize the details of the top-rated models.

1. Doro PhoneEasy 626 from Consumer Cellular

This flip phone features a bright screen, extra-loud speaker, shortcut keys for quick contact, and a camera. It is also hearing aid compatible with a visual ring indicator. The Emergency Help button on the back can provide timely assistance through GPS technology, identifying your loved one’s location.

2. Jitterbug5 from GreatCall

Also a clamshell design, the Jitterbug5 has a simple yes/no navigation system. “Urgent Care” is an option to connect your loved one around the clock with a nurse or doctor for medical advice. Jitterbug5 exceeds Federal Communication Commission requirements for hearing aid compatibility. It is one of the few cell phones that works with telecoil hearing devices.

A unique feature of this phone is the ability to program automated medication reminders. With the caregiver app, you can log onto a smartphone, tablet, or computer and check your loved one’s whereabouts using GPS. The app also alerts you when the phone is used to contact emergency personnel.

A “5Star” emergency button on the phone connects to a certified Urgent Response Agent. Each professional is trained to handle a medical emergency or provide assistance if a caller becomes lost or feels unsafe. Using GPS, an agent can dispatch emergency personnel to any location.

3. SnapfonezTWO

This cell phone responds to voice commands via a “speaking keypad.” The full-color screen is easy to read. Upon pressing the red SOS button, the phone sends a text to designated contacts. The SnapfonezTWO is also hearing aid compatible with enhanced volume and a speaker phone. Other senior-friendly features include easy navigation and an LED flashlight.

Contact List

In addition to your phone number, help your loved one program phone numbers of other emergency contacts. Save the phone numbers of your loved one’s physician, clergy, local police, fire department, and a taxi service.

If you are concerned about your loved one’s safety, in addition to purchasing a senior-friendly cell phone for him or her, consider hiring a caregiver from Senior Stride Home Care. Apart from increasing safety both in and outside of the home, our trained caregivers can help your loved one manage everyday tasks and boost his or her overall wellbeing. We provide reliable respite and live-in home care. Oshkosh families can contact a Care Manager at 920-717-1767 for more information and to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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