Home Care Reviews

At Senior Stride Home Care, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the trusted home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

Senior Stride Home Care Success Stories

“We suffered such a shock when we got the unexpected news that my vibrant and full of life sister, Mary, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I did not live in Oshkosh and felt totally helpless. A relative had previously used Senior Stride Home Care and suggested that we call them to see if they could help. Making that call was the best thing I could have done as Senior Stride Home Care immediately stepped up and got everything into place and that was only the first thing I was thankful for.

Mary was very fond of all the caregivers that were assigned to her and we were most impressed with them as well. The care she received was top-notch. They were very kind and respectful to her at all times. We were amazed that they not only seemed to care for Mary, but for us as well. They were very good at answering questions and they listened carefully to any concerns we had about her condition. We were most surprised that they were also concerned about our feelings and well-being as well at Mary’s.

There is no way I could ever express my thanks and appreciation to them. I feel that my sister had the best care possible and even though it was a sad journey for us I feel that I made some caring friends along the way. I highly recommend this organization, they are the very best.”

— Carol S

“I met Julie Davids, owner of Senior Stride Home Care, where she volunteered at the Memory Cafe at the Y. I was drawn to her warm and caring personality. As my husband Jim’s Alzheimer’s progressed, I needed someone to stay with him so that I could run errands, take a walk, etc. For over a year, one of their amazing caregivers came two mornings a week. As he was entering the end stages of this disease, I couldn’t care for him on my own. A team of caregivers joined in our final journey. God certainly sent these “angels” to our home. Each one was unique and special. Jim was treated with such love, respect, and kindness. They helped me take care of Jim as if he were one of their own family. I would highly recommend Senior Stride Home Care if you require help with your loved one.”

— Carol K

“When we found out that my father had a short period of time to live, we were all moving in a fog. Our family is scattered around and we wanted to be able to support my mom with more than just visits. My sister found Senior Stride Home Care through a recommendation from a social worker with whom she worked out of state.

The owners, John and Julie Davids, met with me on NEW YEAR’S DAY. Already, I was completely blown away by that willingness to put our family first. During that conversation, my mother called to let me know that our dad needed to be admitted to the hospital. Because of his limited mobility I was concerned that my mother and I wouldn’t be able to navigate the stairs and ice to get him in the car and to the hospital. John and Julie came to our house, talked with my dad (who did not want to go to the hospital), convinced him to go, helped us get him in the car and followed us to the hospital.  They stayed until we were admitted!

The next day, they sent their son over to shovel and salt our driveway because they “didn’t want my mother to slip.”
I want it to be clear that we were not paying these folks. We were just in the initial stages of setting up care and these folks went above and beyond anything I could ever imagine. My mom called them “our angels.”
Trying to set up care for someone you love who is sick is so hard. You want to do right by them and you just cross your fingers that you’re getting someone who will actually care for them. I am so grateful that people like John and Julie are out there. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

— Jen L

“It’s never easy to realize that your family needs more help than the family can provide on its own, and the decision to reach for outside support can be difficult. In 2006, my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My parents live in a house on their own and for the past five years, I watched my mom’s mobility and level of independence steadily decrease, and my dad’s levels of stress and responsibility significantly increase. My sister and I looked into several home care organizations and ultimately, decided upon Senior Stride Home Care. We were impressed with their balanced approach to care, and their thorough and genuine efforts to get to know my mom and find a Caregiver best suited for her needs. Senior Stride Home Care has been a huge source of support for both my parents. With the help of her Caregiver, my mom can participate in the activities she loves without needing to depend on my dad to accompany her. My dad can now enjoy some relaxing time on his own. In many ways, Senior Stride Home Care has given my parents a part of their life back. It has been such a relief knowing that they are in such safe and professional hands.”

— Sessional Instructor, Dept. Of Counselling Psychology, UBC

“Please extend my thanks to Susan (the caregiver) and her dog. I had a very unusual talk with my mom yesterday in that this was the first call in years where she was so relaxed and so happy with her day and it was clearly due to Susan and her dog. You are providing invaluable gifts to her and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it.”

— Maureen D., Therapist And Clinical Supervisor

“Our family has been using Senior Stride Home Care services since October 2010 and recommend this company and their caregivers 100%. My mother has Alzheimer’s so we require personal care, companionship and light housekeeping duties. Carolina and her team of case workers really put the effort into finding the right match for the patient and their families. We have been fully supported from all members of the company and appreciate their personal touch.”

— Cathy S., Surrey

“My sincere thanks to you and your staff at Senior Stride Home Care for coming to my 11th hour rescue back in May. Your Caregiver helped me shower daily, made my bed, prepared meals and did some food shopping, light cleaning and the laundry. She was a gem, always on time, and her manner and demeanor exhibited her many years of experience as an expert Caregiver. She was dependable, calm, caring and trust worthy. I also enjoyed her lovely sense of humor. I also salute you for your flexibility in making the effort to accommodate a prospective client at the “last minute,” as well as your reasonable cost for the excellent care received.”

— Patricia L. Waller, Retired U.S. Diplomat

“Senior Stride Home Care raises exactly the right banner in promoting The Balanced Care Method as the foundation for all good care. In the rush of medical care systems that focus almost exclusively on problems, The Balanced Care Method encourages an approach which emphasizes creating strengths. For centuries we have known that better health in aging is tied to physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors. Regardless of diseases, building on these basics of good health matters.

But beyond creating strengths for elders, families that emphasize Balanced Care will come to work together and understand more clearly how to cope with medical problems and illnesses. The secret is in the strength of the foundation of care. The rest then comes into clearer perspective; complex situations and decision-making during this time of life are better understood and engaged. Senior Stride Home Care is about foundation-building-for elders, families, supportive friends and, ultimately, for your health care team.”

— Dr. Dennis M

I recently found myself in need of home care for my wife. I was referred to Senior Stride Home Care by a colleague. I talked to both John & Julie Davids co-owners and was immediately impressed with what they said about their philosophy of care. They said that their emphasis when hiring employees was to find people that have a deep level of compassion. That struck a cord to me. Our family has been so impressed with all of my wife’s caregivers. Their reliability, expertise, knowledge and compassion is unmatched. It gives us the confidence to leave the house knowing our loved one is under the best care possible. Furthermore their rehabilitative skills are quite evident upon our return each day. I can confidently say that I would recommend their services to anyone that has home care needs. Sincerely,

Dr. Timothy T

My mother’s last wish in life at age 97 was to be at home. Senior Stride Home Care was integral in her achieving this. Professional help was there until her last breath. Thank you!!!

Bridget C

John and Molly came over to evaluate my father the same day that we called for assistance with my fathers care. They were very friendly and knowledgeable about what our options were. We had his care program set up within two days. It was as if they cared as much about my father as my wife and I did. Highly recommend!!!!

John R

Senior Stride Home Care – Oshkosh has been a great partner in our family’s need for competent and caring caregiver services. From the caregivers selected for our family member to the interaction with office staff, we could not be anymore pleased. We highly recommend Senior Stride Home Care for anyone in need of great home care services.

Sean E