Cancer Outreach: Resources for Seniors

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is difficult for everyone involved. For seniors, it can be even more difficult because they may not have easy access to groups that could help them accept and adapt to their diagnosis. This is where online cancer outreach can make a huge difference. There are a number of great sites that seniors and their loved ones can turn to to learn more about cancer and reach out to others in the cancer community. Oshkosh 24 hour care providers recommend the following cancer resources.

This site is one of the most popular cancer resources online. It offers information for seniors with cancer and survivors, as well as for caregivers who want to learn more about how to help their loved ones. There are forums where any member can ask questions and get answers from professionals in the medical field. There are also tips regarding coping with and accepting a diagnosis, which is why seniors will benefit from making this site their first resource.

American Cancer Society

This national society for patients and survivors of difference cancers offers information on treatment options and research. There is also a chat forum that allows people from all over the country to ask questions and share insights. This site is a useful tool for seniors and family caregivers who want to stay updated on all of the latest cancer research information.

Association of Cancer Online Resources

The Association of Cancer site offers a plethora of options for numerous types of cancer. You can select the topics you are interested in and find all manner of resources whether you’re looking for medical trials or in-home care in Oshkosh. They also provide information regarding side effects of chemo and radiation, making it one of the most thorough cancer online resource directories available.

Livestrong Foundation

This site provides guidance to help seniors from the moment of diagnosis right through the recovery process. There are tips on living healthy while undergoing treatment as well as how to continue to enjoy life when there are no more treatment options available.

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