6 Most Common Asthma Triggers for the Elderly

How Asthma Can Still Be Catch in Elderly in Oshkosh, WI

Asthma is a chronic illness that causes inflammation of the airways, which results in extra mucus production making it difficult for seniors to breathe. Among seniors, asthma often goes undiagnosed or mistaken for something else. For Oshkosh, WI, caregivers, learning what triggers their loved ones’ asthma can help.

1. Fumes and Odors

To help ease asthma symptoms, providers of Oshkosh senior care recommend that you ventilate properly whenever you are using cleaning supplies. Visitors should avoid wearing strong perfumes and colognes. Choose air fresheners that eliminate odors instead of using fragrances that mask them as these fumes can trigger an asthma attack.

2. Dust Mites

These little guys are hard to see, but they are in every home. Vacuuming and dusting regularly can help reduce the number of dust mites in your loved one’s home. There are air filters on the market that help remove these and other common household allergens from the air and subsequently, your loved one’s lungs.

3. Pet Dander

We love our pets, but unfortunately they can be a common trigger for asthma sufferers. Bathing pets too often is bad for their skin and can produce more dander, but with regular brushing you can reduce pet dander. Vacuuming and replacing your air filters with allergen reducing filters can also help.

4. Mold and Mildew

Some areas of the house are prone to moisture, which can result in asthma-inducing mold and mildew. Using dehumidifiers or other dampness reducing products can reduce the occurrence of these unpleasant substances. Keeping the bathroom and kitchen area clean and sterilized will also help to eliminate mold and mildew problems.

5. Smoke

Smoke is a common irritant that aggravates the lungs. If you or other family members smoke, designate a smoking area away from your loved one. Additionally, fireplaces should only be lit when necessary to avoid excessive smoke inhalation that could irritate your loved one’s lungs.

6. Cold Air

Breathing cold air can be difficult for those with asthma. The sharpness of the winter air can trigger an asthma attack. If your loved one is going out during the winter months, encourage him or her to wear a scarf over his or her nose and mouth to protect the lungs from the cold.

If your loved one lives with asthma or other chronic diseases, reach out to Senior Stride Home Care. We provide flexible live-in and part-time care Oshkosh, WI, seniors need to manage illness, injury and old age in the comfort and safety of home. Contact us at 920-710-CARE (2273) today to learn how our comprehensive services benefit the elderly.

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