4 Health Benefits of Spearmint for Older Adults

Spearmint is a member of the mint family that’s indigenous to Europe and parts of Asia. While the most common place people in America see spearmint is in chewing gum, there are many ways this mint can be incorporated into your senior loved one’s diet. It’s great when used in soups or salads, but you can also prepare spearmint tea at home or add it to your loved one’s favorite smoothie recipe. There are many reasons family caregivers may want to incorporate spearmint into their senior loved ones’ diets, including the four outlined below. 

1. Oral Health

Spearmint is particularly useful for promoting healthy mouth and gums because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Incorporating it into your loved one’s diet can protect his or her mouth and throat from harmful infections. It also stops bad breath caused by dry mouth or certain medications. 

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2. Digestive Health

Seniors with upset stomachs and gastrointestinal issues often find that consuming spearmint alleviates the symptoms, especially the bloating and cramping caused by flatulence. Many seniors find chewing spearmint leaves or even spearmint gum relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome as well. 

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3. Circulation Health

Just a single leaf of spearmint contains 100 percent of the daily recommended amount of iron. Therefore, it’s very effective at helping seniors with anemia. It also promotes faster blood circulation throughout the body, which can help your loved one get more oxygen and feel more energetic overall. Additionally, the increased circulation can promote quicker healing after sustaining a scrape or bruise.

4. Heart Health

Spearmint promotes a healthy heart because of its high potassium levels. That’s why seniors who incorporate spearmint into their diets are less likely to have recurrences of strokes. This is because eating spearmint relieves stress on arteries and veins and may even break up the plaques in arteries that lead to stroke and other cardiovascular conditions. 

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