Ways to Identify Your Strong Points as a Caregiver

Family caregivers have to be mentally and physically strong to carry out their duties. Yet they may overlook just how many amazing things they can do. Learning how to recognize your caregiving strengths helps you focus on what you do best while also giving you a starting point for figuring out how to manage your weaknesses.

Think About What You Believe Makes a Good Caregiver

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a caregiver strong, and this usually comes down to what a person values. For instance, you may feel like being patient is a strength, while another person may see timeliness as a sign of being strong. High-quality caregivers often aim to be compassionate, caring, and well organized. Look for characteristics such as these in yourself to start noticing where you shine.

Go Through Your List of Daily Responsibilities

You might be surprised to discover the ordinary things you do can show you where your strengths lie. For instance, you might have chosen to make a complicated healthy recipe for your loved one because you’re a good cook. Alternatively, you may find you enjoy helping your loved one with a hobby because your strong point is increasing other people’s happiness and preserving family relationships. Even doing laundry can be a strength, since it requires you to enjoy helping others.

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Consider the Compliments Other People Give You

Over the years, you’ve probably had at least a few caregiving-related compliments thrown your way. For example, your siblings might tell you they admire how well you keep your loved one’s household running. You might also receive compliments related to other parts of your life, such as being praised for always getting your assignments done on time at work. These types of compliments can often reveal your strengths.

Decide Which Strengths You Want to Develop

Recognizing your caregiving strengths is important, but you should also do something with that knowledge. You can use your strengths to know where you need to focus your attention while someone else handles the things you don’t do as well. Your strengths can also be developed to make you an even better caregiver. For example, you could read a book on home organization to figure out how to hone your skills in that area. You can also take time out to practice self-care to enhance your compassionate nature.

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Find a Way to Acknowledge Your Strengths

Even with a positive outlook, there will be days when you feel weak. On these days, you need to turn back to the lessons you’ve learned about what makes you strong. Find ways to scatter little reminders about your strengths throughout your daily life. For instance, you can write the word “compassion” on a sticky note and put it on your mirror or make a list in your caregiver journal. You can even save a meme on your phone that represents your strengths. Reminding yourself of how strong you are can help you on even the most challenging days.

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