Useful Items to Put in Your Senior Loved One’s Holistic First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit Essentials in Appleton, WI

If you are a live-in Oshkosh, WI, caregiver for a senior, then you might want to make a holistic first aid kit for him or her. It is important when creating the kit that you include directions that explain what the products are for and when to use them.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is great at easing the pain of burns and helping them to heal. Seniors can also use it to remove makeup in a pinch. Additionally, it can be used to freshen breath.


Arnica comes as a cream or a gel. It is great for easing the pain from sore muscles. It can also be used to help bruises heal faster.


When made into a tea, it can help seniors relax and ease insomnia. Chamomile is also great for easing indigestion. Additionally, it can also be used to soothe tooth pain.

Activated Charcoal

The tiny pores of activated charcoal are great for capturing toxins in them. It can also be used to whiten teeth or consumed during an episode of food poisoning.

Cayenne Powder

Taken internally, cayenne powder can be used to increase the speed of blood flow. When used externally, it stops the flow of blood from minor cuts and scrapes.


Make a poultice of comfrey and hold it on a wound to speed up the healing process. Made into a salve, it is great at easing the irritation from a bug bite.


When steamed with some water, eucalyptus oil makes a great steam to help open sinuses and clear stuffy heads.


Seniors can take a little ginger to help with an upset stomach. It is also great for motion sickness and may help stop travel lag.


Have the senior rub some peppermint oil behind the ears to stop a headache. Drink a drop or two of it combined with some oil to stop stomach problems.

These are just some of the holistic items you can place in your loved one’s first aid kit. Consider other precautions you can take for your loved one when you call Senior Stride Home Care at 920-717-1767. We provide flexible live-in and hourly senior care Oshkosh, WI, seniors need to age in place with confidence. Learn more when you meet with a friendly Care Manager.

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