4 Technological Advancements That Increase Senior Safety

Technological Advancements Increasing Senior Safety in Oshkosh, WI

Seniors are now becoming adept at technology and can be seen relying on modern tools and gadgets to do their daily activities. Some devices help aging adults stay safe and lead happy and healthy lives. Oshkosh senior home care providers have put together a list of 4 technological advancements that increase senior safety.

1. GPS

Some seniors get disoriented and find themselves lost when away from home. GPS technology allows family members to know where their loved one is at any given moment. With GPS technology, caregivers in Oshkosh, WI, can easily locate and retrieve seniors.

2. Smartphone Health Monitoring Apps

Smartphone apps can be used to monitor a senior’s essential health stats such as sleep, activity, heart rate, and blood sugar. These same apps can also be used to set action reminders (to take medicine) and emergency alerts (high pulse or low blood sugar).

3. Voice Activation

With voice activation, seniors with limited mobility can increase their safety. For instance, if a senior falls without a smartphone in hand, he or she can still use it or another device to call for help. Other devices such as climate control, kitchen appliances, and entertainment devices can also incorporate voice activation.

4. Sensors

A sensor can be worn around the neck to detect if the senior has fallen and send out an automatic alert. Sensors can be programmed to read many types of information, from temperature to speed to orientation in space. There are many ways sensors can be implemented to monitor a senior’s safety.

Diligent safety monitoring is important in preventing falls and injuries and keeping your loved one safe. At Senior Stride Home Care, our customized care plans can include emotional support, assistance with personal care, mental stimulation, and safety monitoring to keep your loved one safe from injuries. We can provide medication reminders, mobility support, and physical exercise to boost your loved one’s physical and mental health. For high-quality 24-hour and respite care, Oshkosh residents can call us at 920-717-1767.

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